THE SEAWEED ALLIANCE- unlocking the power within

Economically & Environmentally

Our purpose: Engage with government, NGO’s, research and industry to advance and accelerate the development of an industry in the UK based on cultivated seaweed

Findings suggest that seaweed farming could be a powerful new solution to mitigate climate change. Furthermore, it has the potential to become a profitable industry in the UK and Europe.

Surprisingly, as founders of The Seaweed Alliance back in 2017, we knew very little about seaweed! Our background is in regional and enterprise development! (see We read, by chance, an article about the amazing power of this incredible plant and the emergence of a new industry in Europe based on cultivated seaweed. We embarked on a mission to learn more!

The learning curve has been incredibly steep, however with the help of our scientific colleagues, we now understand the significance of this emerging industry and believe that The Seaweed Alliance bringing our and other complementary skills together can accelerate the development of this new industry her in the UK. With the exception of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the UK has a lot of catching up to do compared to its European neighbours, if it is to realise the economic and environmental potential of seaweed.

Seaweed has amazing properties; its use in industry is vast and growing with new ground-breaking innovations regularly being launched. Of immense significance is that seaweed has the ability to support the fight against climate change. Evidence suggests it has up to 50 times more capacity to absorb CO2 than land-based plants.

The lack of funding is seriously hampering progress
Realising this opportunity would benefit UK wide

The Seaweed Alliance is a not for profit
We currently receive no funding

We continue to participate in virtual international conferences; have now established a network of global specialists ; developed a comprehensive report ‘How to Accelerate an Industry based on Cultivated Seaweed’ engage with stakeholders, lobby government and scope for partners and opportunities to collaborate.

If you are interested to join us on the journey, we would love to hear from you.

The aspiration is that The Seaweed Alliance eventually transitions to a membership-based organisation managed by its members and continues to,

  • Elevate the profile of the significant environmental and economic benefits of seaweed
  • Drive the development of an innovative sustainable seaweed industry
  • Collaborate and knowledge share in seaweed technology and science.
  • Represent and support seaweed farmers and associated supply chain
  • Drive policy, standards and governance
  • Identify investments & funding for R&D